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I created WNS as a way to connect and inspire creatives around the world. With the rise of work-from-your-laptop careers, people are no longer tied to a desk job with a 9-5 routine. We have the opportunity to pursue our passions and travels, create our own schedules, and lead the lives we feel called to live. 


But this is easier said than done. 

We’re Not Starving is about community and accountability. It’s a place to find likeminded individuals, inspiration, and active solutions to staying creative. 

Playing on the old adage of the “starving artist,” We’re Not Starving is proof that following your dreams leads to a more satisfied and excited life. We may not be leading the expected or trusted paths our elders paved out for us, but we are seeking new and higher heights each day, chasing true fulfillment. 

It’s an opportunity to prove that we are anything but starving.

about me


Hi! My name is Grace Gabel, and I’m the creator of We’re Not Starving. Originally from Austin, Texas, I live in Los Angeles, pursuing a career in acting and writing. 

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My inspiration for WNS is an easy path to follow – I saw the perseverance and endurance acting in LA required, and I quickly realized the community such a pursuit needed. Acting is often demanding, time consuming, and isolating. Many actors juggle multiple jobs, face rejection time and time again, and put so much effort into the audition process that there isn’t time for the art. To combat this, my friends and I would send each other motivating interviews, speeches, excerpts, and quotes, as a way to kindle each others’ flame. 

Creating a space to build up and inspire other actors was so much more satisfying than judging and comparing myself to the “competition.”

Coupled with my passion for travel and adventure, I was inspired to create a space for all creatives to discuss, encourage, and motivate each other to pursue their dreams. 

I hope to one day live part-time in LA and part-time around the world, exploring and engaging in cultures and places outside my own world. LA is the heart of my career, but my wandering soul feels most fulfilled trying new things, going on adventures, and meeting new people. Simply, I love leaving, so I can come home again. 


I’ll share my journey in this wild business. I’ll post my projects, my words, and the inspiration I follow to maintain this lifestyle, with the intent that others will feel compelled to live their most fulfilled life as well

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