Back in acting class this month!

On Monday, I had my first class back in acting, and it felt so good to work those muscles again. I missed being surrounded by likeminded actors and learning from my fabulous teacher Aleks.

I took July off for a few reasons: I was pushing my work off until the last minute, and I wanted to really be giving the class my best; I found myself looking for excuses not to go because I was so beat from working my two jobs; I wanted a month to focus and develop We’re Not Starving, so I could create the habit before adding acting back in the mix; and most importantly, I knew taking a month off would remind me how much I love being in class.

And man was it great to be back. I love seeing others perform and learning from their work. I love seeing how much my peers have grown. I love working with Aleks, who does a great job of being loving and supportive, while still giving you valuable critiques. I’ve grown so much being in his class, and I’m pumped to be back at it.

Acting is like a muscle, the more you use it, the easier and faster you grow. By taking a whole month off, some of my old issues have cropped back up. I tend to be tense when I perform, making my body look a little frozen and unnatural. I try not to over move, causing me to be too still. And the nerves came back stronger than usual. I don’t think the nerves will ever ago away, but they were a little distracting this week.

However, I still think I made the right decision. I’ve been pushing myself to grow this past month, and I’ve created habits that will help me with my acting career. I’ve taken to literally clocking in on my phone to track how many hours I spend on We’re Not Starving, and I’m thinking of adding the same practice into my acting. That way I can keep myself accountable with trackable data.

The goal is to constantly be pushing myself to grow. I won’t have all the answers today, but I do want to have one more answer than I had the day before.

I need to expand my acting community, so that I have more people to rehearse and get on tape with. Most of my friends in LA work in other industries (which can be really great for staying grounded), but it’s also nice to have people by your side who speak the same language as you.

I’m hoping to develop closer ties to my class, so that we can help each other grow and prosper. We’ll see how this month goes ❤


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