opportunity leads to more

With auditioning, it can be exhausting running from one to the next, getting invested in a character only to throw them away a few days later. Getting far and then realizing you’re not the choice. It can feel limiting.

Just a taste, but never the whole meal.

While this is undoubtedly frustrating, it’s also taught me to improve my mentality regarding opportunity. I believe that one good thing coming your way leads to more good things coming your way. It means your thoughts and actions are on the right path. Even if you don’t land the job this time – or get the apartment 😉 – something even better is around the corner.

It means that what you’re looking for is out there.

I found an AMAZING apartment that might be just too good to be true… it’s in my price range, SO CLOSE to the beach, and has an incredible balcony.

I never wanted to leave my current apartment until I could be even closer to the beach (tough, as I’m already 5 blocks away…) and in an apartment either as good or better. So, I assumed this would be a few years down the road when my paychecks are a little heftier than they are today.

Well, that choice was made for me sooner than expected, and I really don’t want to lower my standards just because my time frame is off.

I believe this apartment is a sign that what I’m looking for exists. They haven’t gotten back to me – oh, am I emailing – and so maybe this isn’t the one.

But now I know I can find the one.

The universe has told me that what I want is out there, my dreams are not an impossibility; it’s simply up to me to find it. So I’m sending positive vibes out for this apartment, and ones like it.

Regardless of what happens, this apartment gave me hope, which is the greatest blessing I could have received. My apartment situation has been weighing on me the past few weeks, and it’s been difficult to focus and stay energized on what really matters: my career.

I’ve been pushing myself to remain faithful that this is all part of a plan:

a sign that my life needed a boost, a sign that I’d become complacent in my career and home, and if I really worked for it, I would deserve so much better.

I’m excited to see where the next few months lead. I think I’ll be surprised where I end up compared to today. It’s just a matter of hustling today to get there tomorrow.

What opportunities have come your way?

Are you leaning in to them?

What goal are they pushing you towards?

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