Are you pushing towards your dreams?

Ever since my post on caring & my post on valuing your work, I’ve been ruminating on how to combine these two to make my career take off.

I don’t write to you guys to say I have all the answers, but rather, these are my thoughts, I’m going to share them, and I’m going to do my best to take my own advice at that.

There are a lot of resources that chat with artists who have already arrived – and they’re so helpful! – but there aren’t a lot of resources for artists down on the ground, hustling to get seen and heard.

This is the time where I think community matters the most, because you have to rely on yourself the most. It’s when you are less likely to have someone working for you, less likely to be making a sustainable income from your art, and you’re less likely to have the mindset required to get there.

If you did have all these things, I would say, “Congratulations, you have made it my friend!”

I think it’s important to recognize, and express, that I am on this journey too, and that it’s about us rising together.

It’s about a community of creatives hustling towards their dream careers.

And this is just my part.

So, I wrote about valuing your career, and I thought about what I’m doing today to make acting happen for me, and the answer was…. NOT ENOUGH!

I talked to my buds in my acting class, and they gave me great advice on what they’ve done to be a step ahead of the game.

So today I sat down and mapped out a few different classes and courses I’m going to take // communities I’m going to utilize in order to take advantage of the resources out there for struggling actors.

I set timelines on Asana (it’s a great organizational app if you’re unfamiliar), goals, and resources to look into further. I connected it to my writing and We’re Not Starving goals, so that my calendar shows all of my current projects.

One of the reasons I started We’re Not Starving was to help keep myself accountable. I can’t be preaching mindset and action, if I’m not taking it myself as well, ya feel? And I’ve always been someone who would move heaven and hell for the people I care about. Now I’m pushing myself to have that same mentality for, well, myself.

Have you set any goals for yourself?

Are you taking action towards them?

Where do you want to be next month? By the end of the year?

Let’s set our intentions and make our dreams realities.

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