listening to the universe

Lately, I’ve felt the universe trying to teach me a lesson, but I’m not sure yet what the lesson is. You see, my rent is increasing by 32% in October. 32%! I’ve been trying not to freak out, but this change is creating quite the upheaval.

I live a 15 minute walk from my job. I recently quit a job that I’d been at for 2.5 hours, so I could make my commute easier and so I could focus on my other projects. It felt like my life was finally coming together. But now? Quite the opposite.

With the loss of my apartment, it feels like everything else in my life is going to change as well. So, you see, that’s where I have to find the lesson.

What is the universe saying from this?

Was my house not a positive place for me to live? Am I supposed to go travel? Should I get a different job? Do I need to focus more energy on We’re Not Starving?

Honestly, I think the answer could be in all of these questions.

I think the world kicks us down, so that we listen, so that we make changes, so that we can grow.

Obviously, I’d prefer a different route to receive all this information, but perhaps, it takes massive change in order to create massive growth. Who I am today isn’t getting me where I want to be tomorrow…. If it did, I’d already be there.

I think this is an opportunity to grow and really seek out my next step in life. I hate leaving LA for long, because I always feel like I’m leaving my acting career behind, but I have wanted to travel semi-long term for a while…. but my apartment was always holding me back. I mean, it’s a great spot. 5 blocks from the beach and affordable! Well, it used to be anyway. My roommate would never accept a subletter, so if I wanted to travel, I would have had to pay for my rent back home as well.

So, really, this is a perfect opportunity.

But leaving everything in flux, scares me. It’s a scary thing to leave everything behind. I have to remind myself: this is the perfect time. I’m not far enough along in my career for anyone to care. I might miss an opportunity here or there, but in the grand scheme, I’m likely losing little.

The growth, the creativity, the excitement of traveling? It’s an opportunity I shouldn’t let pass.

What lesson is the universe trying to teach you right now?

Are you listening?

Are you willing to make the change?

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