Daily checklist

This month marks the year anniversary of my daily checklist! It’s a list of things I want to be aware and accountable for on a daily basis. 

Growing up, I was always a big reader, but in college, I stopped reading for pleasure. I read what I had to and that was it. But reading is awesome! It engages your mind, ensnares you in other worlds, there’s an intelligence required that TV just doesn’t match…

Reading was just the start of it, so I wrote out a list of things that make me feel fulfilled and happy, and thus, my daily checklist was created. As time passes, I tweak it to reflect my current goals and focus. I don’t get everything every day, but it’s a way to keep myself in check.

Plus, it’s the perfect way to create sustainable change.

For example, I’ve been practicing Spanish every day for the past 100 days or so! I’m still not very confident speaking it, but I am starting to understand more and more. I watch all of my TV in Spanish as well, so I’ll catch new phrases or meanings of words I recognize.

It’s a way for me to track my runs, my productivity, how much I slept, how I felt, if I did anything for fun, etc.

I’m also adding back into the mix a separate list that tracks what I’m grateful for, what would make today great, and my daily schedule/to do. It’s a great way to give each day focus. Too often I can have these grand scheme ideas without an attention to the daily nitty gritty.

The goal is to make each day as effective and efficient as possible.

You don’t want to be sitting at your computer, browsing, procrastinating each day. You want to be focused and successful in the hours you set to work, so that you can free up more time for your money making opportunities and your social life.

You can’t make meaningful art without leading a meaningful life.

What would you include on your checklist?

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