Getting Started

So often, I want things to be perfect when I begin. I want to have all the answers, I want to know exactly what I’m doing, I want to have a plan.

In reality, these are all excuses.

It’s the voice inside my head telling me why not. “Oh, I can’t create this blog, because I’m not sure if my theme is more gypsy or more pop art.” Or whatever.

And sure, those things matter. It’s important to know your brand, your aesthetic, your goal. However, you can’t let those things hold you back. You have to be willing to make mistakes, to try, to fail, and then fail again.

We learn most from what doesn’t work. Every single successful person got to where they are from a willingness to fail. And a willingness to begin again.

Through trial and error we discover what works and what doesn’t. We can compare and contrast what was successful and what was less so, so that we can then pinpoint what lead to that difference.

I used to be so focused on having all the answers, and as I’ve grown, I’ve tried to focus my attention on “what do I have to lose?” instead.

What will really happen from me going out of my comfort zone?

Are there actually negative consequences from this?

And sure, there will be times that I take a step back. That’s only natural. But other times? I’ll take leaps and bounds forward.

For me, the goal is to be constantly growing and adapting. I accept who I am today and look forward to who I can push myself to be tomorrow.

What are you holding back on?

Are you listening to the “why not” voice inside your head?

Take one step. ONE tiny step.

It’ll feel so good, you’ll have to keep going.

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