I’ve heard so much has changed.

You’re vegan now. You’re moving. You’re pregnant.

(That last one is a big congratulations!)

From what I know of you, moving will be very difficult and was a sacrifice you made for your husband, but I’m glad that as you start this new journey, you’ll have family nearby to help you.

I’m sorry for all that happened between us. Sometimes I think I’m over it all, but then other times, I still feel the pain of it.

I’m grateful for the good times we had. We had so much fun together, didn’t we? Our goofiness, outgoing personalities, the need to be the life of the party… maybe we were too similar to properly balance each other.

Which then led us to take our problems out on each other, instead of solving them as a team. Man, those days were hard. We didn’t much like ourselves, did we? So it’s no wonder we hated each other. We saw so much of ourselves reflected in each other’s eyes.

I had to distance myself in order to heal again. I think you’d be proud of how far I’ve come.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to be friends again. I don’t know if I believe unhealthy relationships can become healthy again, and to be honest, I don’t know if I’d want to go through the pain of figuring it out.

I have a coworker who reminds me of you. At first, it made me want to not like her, but of course, in reality, it made me like her more. She’s bold, brash, and confident, just like you. She speaks her mind and has the same mothering nature. She’s a good friend to have.

I hope all the changes in your life are making you happy. I know social media isn’t the best place to check up on someone, so I can only guess how you are truly doing. I hope the issues you were dealing with when we parted are old memories now.

I did miss you the other day. It was a thought that lacked all our old baggage… It was nice.

I hope you all the luck with all the new changes.

Say hi to your husband for me. Give a hug to the pups.

And for now, goodbye.

P.S. You look good.

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