Look closely at who you’re judging

We’ve all thought something judgmental of another person. We’ve all succumbed to gossip. We’ve all been jealous of someone else.

What we sometimes don’t realize is that judgement and jealousy are windows into the holder’s inner life.

It’s a way to mask our own insecurities. Maybe we want to be more like the person we’re judging, maybe we see a likeness in ourselves, maybe they are a reflection of our own deepest fears…

Part of being confident is focusing on the good, the strength in others, and the opportunity for growth through others. We can learn so much just by watching other people’s actions and learning from their mistakes. We don’t have to make every single mistake ourselves in order to grow.

You don’t want people to talk shit about you, so why do you do it to other people? You don’t want people to judge you, so why do you judge others?

Because it’s easy.

It’s easy to look down on someone else, because then we don’t have to look within ourselves.

But what we think about matters. What we say matters. If you’re focusing on the negative, focusing your energy on bringing someone else down, then you’re ultimately bringing that energy back to yourself.

We’re all just doing our best with the tools that we have today.

Do the work and listen to yourself. Next time you see yourself judging someone, look into yourself and see the real reason you’re thinking it. See the overlap between what they have and what you desire. Re-wire that negative thought into a positive one, and send that person a positive thought.

Who have you been judging?

What are they reflecting from within you?

And how can you grow from that discovery?


  1. TheSunshineArtist

    I totally agree, there have been times in my life where I thought or said I wash I could do this or that like so and so. In I’ve started taking classes or following tutorial on whatever it is to try it, realizing I’m not going to be just like so and so, but I can still have fun trying so new and maybe working at it to get better.


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